Why Not All Aries New Moons Have Felt Like This

My clients have been going through so much! At the same time so have my friends and my family! Then there’s me! If you’re feeling it, you are not alone and there is also a very good reason for it.

In a couple of days, I’m going to be doing the energy update for April and I could have thrown the New Moon info into the mix. However, it needs its own post because this should explain so much about how you may be feeling.
The 1st of April is Aries New Moon, the first of the astrological New Year. This is always an ideal time to spend some energy and thought in the space of your intentions for the year ahead. Yes, there is the calendar New Year that starts on the 1st of January but before that, hundreds of years ago, the calendar and all the time were linked to the stars and the seasons.

This Aries New Moon is the perfect combination of the new energy from the changing seasons, the zodiacs, and the phases of the moon.
If you work with the moon, this should naturally be your time to be aware of the newness of feelings, situations, and energies around you. If not, it may feel unsettling, with an unexplained internal tag to do or feel something different.

For anyone who wants to understand how to work with the Moon Phases to Manifest the Life you Want, then I have a free eBook to guide you.

Add it to this, are dynamic planetary connections to the New Moon currently for the next couple of days. 72 hours before any New Moon is a phase called Dark or Balsamic Moon. During this time, we are called to go inwards and reflect on how we felt since the start of the last New Moon. Depending on moon phases, we can also be processing work from moon phases that are either months or even years old. And so, until the 1st of April, with the added planetary aspects that I’m going to share with you now, the leadup to the Aries New Moon could feel intense.

The emotions that arise and the depth of intensity will align with your journey and the dynamic that uniquely creates your life story between your ego and your soul.

The aspects of the surrounding planets to the moon make this a very different first New Moon of the Astrological New Year to many years that have passed.

An aspect is the way that one planet impacts another planet depending on the distance between them. For example, if a planet is conjunct, they are next to each other, either in the same house in the astrological wheel or in the very next house. If planets are 90 degrees apart, they are square and 180 degrees apart they are opposite, and so it goes. For every aspect, there is a type of relationship that the planets will have with each other and then there is an impact on us.

Conjunctions, when planets are close together, are supportive energies. Imagine a time of struggle and distress in your life when you have someone to lean on or lean into. This is how it works for us. However, the conjunctions also create the opportunity for us to feel supported with the work that needs to be done. This work is linked to the ego, emotions, and unresolved wounds of the past, which will then also create fear of the future.

With all this in mind, at this New Moon, we have a four-planet conjunction, which is so rare that it’s hard to pinpoint when we had it in the past.

In the image of the sky for 1 April, you will see that there are no planets in eight houses of the chart. All the planets are bunched close together, meaning there are no square or opposition energies linked to the New Moon. The complexities in struggles and frictions that we learn from are created by these aspects, therefore the sky is giving us a break now and allowing us to focus on the supportive astrological energies. This does mean that there is brave work to do but the timing is perfect, the energy is additionally guiding and supportive. Mostly, our intuitive, soul and subconscious awareness is ready to brave the work. This is not to say that the ego won’t like it!

At the time, Chiron, the Moon, Sun, and Mercury are all tightly conjunct between 9 and 12 degrees of Aries. Let’s unpack this a little, beginning with Chiron who is the wounded healer and stay in Aries until 2027. To understand how Chiron helps us find and heal our lifelong wounds, this blog post, Chiron Explained — Unpacking the Mystery of Unresolved Lifelong Wounds will guide you.

With the New Moon alongside Chiron, we are given an incredible opportunity for healing to happen. As this is the lifelong wound, situations or memories may come up from childhood or into the past where our inner child was hurt, no matter what age.

The ego does not like this degree of healing between the Moon and Chiron, and it is only heightened because the Sun and Moon are conjunct. The Sun represents our unconscious self and defines our identity and uniqueness. Wounds from the past impact the ego and struggling to show the world who we truly are is a crisis for many of us.

This is perpetuated even further, with the sun and moon conjunct Mercury, which is conjunct Chiron. Mercury is the guardian of our thoughts and our communication. It is the way we express ourselves in the world. Therefore, communication struggles that we currently face have the opportunity to heal at the root of our lifelong wounds, inner child wound and ego wound.

Although the planets are supportive at the moment this doesn’t mean that it could be comfortable. For example, if you grew up in a home where you were not respected for your unique voice and you hid that away from the world for many years, the current alignment of the planets is supportive of your innate traits; and the circumstances around you will be pointing you in the direction to brave using your voice to reactivate your uniqueness that was blocked when you were a child.

I’m sure you are fearing the layers of how messy this could get, but because this is a new astrological year, with this powerful New Moon, there has not been an opportunity like this for a very long time for you to brave facing the fears of the wound and finding what needs to be expressed.

For each person, it is going to be different because the planets will relate to your astrological birth chart. When you take the current snapshot of the sky on New Moon and overlay it onto your birth chart many answers can unfold of what healing needs to be done. This is especially helpful if your ego is struggling to help you go inwards and find the answers to the wounds. Ego does not willingly allow us to see our innate traits that the collaboration between your soul and the planets are currently tugging for you to remember and recognise within yourself.

In a nutshell, braving understanding why your self-esteem is low, is now!

If you need any level of guidance or support currently, there are two options. If you have your astrological birth chart, then book a transformation coaching session to overlay the current aspects with your birth chart. This will give you some guidance on the healing of the emotional wounds that need to be done.

Otherwise, there is a journey we can do together where I create your birth chart for you. You will receive an extensive report on all the astrological and planetary placements as well as the aspects to help you understand your soul contract in this lifetime.

On the website, there is an example of the astrological chart.

In April, if book the astrology birth chart reading, you will get a 20% discount on an additional hour where I will take you through the link between your natal chart and the current transits, which will give you the clues to healing your lifelong and childhood wounds.

I am also available to support in bitesize moments and if you are not ready for the full chart or the coaching, I have the option of quick chats on either Instagram or WhatsApp.
$12 for 15 mins or $25 for 30 minutes.
Payments made to either https://buymeacoffee.com/lifeology or https://paypal.me/LifeologyLtd — pay and then message me either in Instagram Messenger https://instagram.com/jodeneshaer/ or WhatsApp Me: +27 82 781 7570 (We can also find another platform that suits us both, including Telegram, Teams, Clubhouse or Messenger).

Save the date for the April Energy Update, with the full month’s numerology, astrology, tarot, and an intuitive message from money: Wednesday 30 March on the Catch it on the blog, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcast.

See you on the other side of my brave steps to evolve and transform.

Stay brave!

Originally published at https://lifeology.biz.



Transformation coach & intuitive guide, using tarot, numerology & astrology. Money consciousness, manifesting with the moon. Author & Plant Based Vegan

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Jodene Shaer

Transformation coach & intuitive guide, using tarot, numerology & astrology. Money consciousness, manifesting with the moon. Author & Plant Based Vegan