Weekly Energy Update for 22–28 November 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message | Lifeology

One more blink and 2021 will be done. We are into the final full week of November and the 11/2 and 7 energy of the month. To find out more about the overall energy of the month, catch up in the blog post, YouTube, Apple or Spotify Podcasts.

Monday kicks off with the double 11/2 energy of November. Watch for being overly sensitive when it may stem from your overthinking or not saying what needs to be said. Don’t expect people to be mind-readers or intuit your mood.

The 3 energy on Tuesday brings a much lighter day, with a call for you to express creatively and take the load off from all the mental processing of late. If nothing is planned to give yourself a mental break, then give yourself a reason.

On Wednesday, the 4 energy could be mental again, but if you don’t focus too much on the unnecessary detail and learn to listen to your calm and rational mind, it could feel like a good results-driven day.

Thursday’s 5 energy could be reflective, while you think about decisions made to get you to where you are today. The realisation may be that there are decisions where you could be truer to who you want to be. It’s never too late to choose differently.

On Friday, the 6 energy may create some push and pull between wanting time to yourself and facing your responsibilities. It is possible to serve both of your needs.

Saturday’s 7 energy is the double for the week and stepping away from the world is a wise idea. Watch for making plans that you feel obligated to.

We end the week with the commanding energy of the 8 on Sunday. If you feel the burst of assertiveness, run with it.

The astrology for the week, we have the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo on Saturday, which is the sign it began at the start of the month. Sit back and reflect on the month and what you braved, while this useful energy surrounds you.

This is perfectly aligned with the double 7 energy of the week, as contemplation is a calling of the number.

You want to keep your emotional wits about you on Friday, Saturn sextiles Chiron. It is a big healing opportunity for all of us, but you could also be triggered if you are not conscious enough to catch the gift of the situation. The Saturn energy helps to hold us within healthy boundaries and governs our motives while we find ourselves in circumstances that could bring up old patterns or past wounds. It’s the ideal time to take responsibility and maturely see what we could do differently, to heal our lifelong wounds.

This week’s tarot card is the 2 of Wands, reflecting a man holding the world in his hand and a beautiful landscape ahead of him. This messenger asks us to never stop having a vision for greater outcomes, no matter where we find ourselves today. We do need to get ahead of ourselves energetically, even if it is done in the smallest way. It may feel exhausting, overwhelming or pointless, but we do need to, “just keep swimming.”

Intuitive Money Message
Each week I tap into the energy of money and ask for a message to guide us all:
“Nothing that was discovered in a rush lasts forever”.

November Special
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Stay brave!

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Transformation coach & intuitive guide, using tarot, numerology & astrology. Money consciousness, manifesting with the moon. Author & Plant Based Vegan

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Jodene Shaer

Transformation coach & intuitive guide, using tarot, numerology & astrology. Money consciousness, manifesting with the moon. Author & Plant Based Vegan